Katia Peneva Popov x GA Paris

The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_01 copy


Hi Guys! In the spring I flew to Paris to take part in the campaign photoshoot for a really stylish new fashion brand G-A.Paris . Gabriela Alexandrova  is a Parisian brand dedicated to finding the just line that would draw a contemporary answer to an eternal silhouette. Effecient and sober. A garment – friend which will travel with us through time, compliment us and define us. Like a second skin.

The designer of the brand, Gabriela Alexandrova has worked as creative  director for luxury brands such as Dior, Chaumet, Jil Sander before moving on to start her own label. All her designs are created in the Parisian studio and entirely produced in France from a selection of noble and natural fabrics.

Hope you love the collection and the photos as much as we do. You can see the whole collection and order items online at G-A.Paris



Katia Peneva Popov


The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_02 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_03 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_04 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_05 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_06 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_07 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_08 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_09 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_10 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_11 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_12 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_13


GS x ELLE Magazine 2015


01_The_Garage_Starlets_PRESS_Feature_ELLE_Magazine_January_2015 02_The_Garage_Starlets_PRESS_Feature_ELLE_Magazine_February_2015 03_The_Garage_Starlets_PRESS_Feature_ELLE_Magazine_March_2015

Hi guys! Some of you already know that we have our own street style page in ELLE Magazine Bulgaria. Each month we give you styling tips and insights on how to achieve the look of the moment. Hope you like our work! :)


Here is the summary of the last three issues. January issue is about cool winter looks, the February one is full of Hats and March is all about the Socks. You can check out our previous summaries HERE and HERE.






GS x Nikki Style Magazine

The_Garage_Starlets_Nikki_Style_Issue39_Winter_2014_Spring_2015_Press_01 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Nikki_Style_Issue39_Winter_2014_Spring_2015_Press_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikki_Style_Issue39_Winter_2014_Spring_2015_Press_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikki_Style_Issue39_Winter_2014_Spring_2015_Press_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikki_Style_Issue39_Winter_2014_Spring_2015_Press_04


Hi guys! We hope you had wonderful holidays! Wishing you an amazing 2015, filled with love, happiness, success and joy!

We want to share with you our interview for Nikki Style Magazine, the magazine of Nikki Beach clubs. We love Nikki Beach and we always visit their locations so you can imagine how happy we are to be featured in it! Wherever you are around the world, go to your nearest Nikki and see us in the magazine :)





GS x ELLE Magazine Fall 2014




Hy guys! This are our Style Hunter pages in ELLE Magazine October, November and December issues. October is dedicated to Fashion Week looks and tips, November is all about bags and December is about winter trends. Hope you like them!






GS x ELLE Magazine


The_Garage_Starlets_ELLE_Magazine_Bulgaria_Style_Hunter_Street_Tips_Outfits_Ideas_Inspiration_01 The_Garage_Starlets_ELLE_Magazine_Bulgaria_Style_Hunter_Street_Tips_Outfits_Ideas_Inspiration_02


Hi guys! We are extremely happy to announce officially that we have our own page in ELLE Magazine Bulgaria! Yay!!!

It’s a page called Style Hunter and there we offer our ideas and tips about styles of the moment and street style from around the globe. These are our first 3 pages from July ( Summer styling tips, featuring Bulgarian top model Kremi Otashliyska ), August ( Miami style, featuring Maria Tettamanti from TheWordyGirl and Kelly Saks from KellysKlosetBlog ) and September (Jeans) issues.

Hope you love them and will be following us in ELLE Bulgaria as well!






Katia Peneva Popov for AVON


Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_01 Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_02 Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_03 Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_04 Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_05 Katia_Peneva_Popov_The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Make-up_Luxe_06


Hi guys! Recently I did an ad for AVON LUXE Collection. And this is the result. Hope you like it!

The idea behind the shoot is that you can go from office to cocktail party to clubbing even without changing the outfit, just by changing a little your make-up and adding some of the new and absolutely gorgeous AVON accessories. And it is a great solution for the modern busy girls, jiggling with daily tasks and not much free time left on their hands!

And here is the video: