The world of Beatrix Ost


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The world of Beatrix Ost – Magical, Colorful, Avant-garde, Full of Character and Art. A Wild Incredible Paradise

The beautiful and enchanted world of Beatrix Ost has touched me deeply to the core of my soul and inspired me to pursue her to be featured on the blog and just like a little child to take a piece of her wisdom with me. The positivity of this lady came through to me the first time I met her and gives a memorable impression shining through her smile, perhaps because of the diamond incrusted in her tooth. She is the living embodiment of an inspirational woman in every sense. Her deep wisdom and love are just mesmerizing, but at the age of 74 her curiosity, simple joy, and effortless bliss you feel from her is the very child like quality she grabs you and impresses you with the most.  She loves life more than anyone. An artist, World War II Survivor she became also a writer at the age of 60.  She just wanted to preserve her memories and experience for the family memoirs. She does everything with so much passion and attention to detail from painting, writing, cooking, to her apartment and even designing her own clothes. 

Her kindness, warmth, and creativity extended to supporting a family of Tibetans monks for a year by assigning them with creating a rug for her with inscription of words from her personal notebook. She can’t live without her red lipstick and silk turbans. Her favorite designers are Vivienne Westwood, Comme De Garcons, and Philip Treacy. The name of her first book that is being made into a movie “ My Father’s House: A Childhood in Wartime Bavaria”.

Her philosophy of life: “In your body is a good place to be”

In the photos: Dress, cape, gloves designed by her. Shoes Varda, rings Cordognato Venice, necklace antique crystal, earrings vintage 20’s designer, turban Italian silk.

Photographer for TheGarageStarlets: Ellin Anderegg .

Author: Madlena Kalinova