Exclusive Interview: Still Life or the Hats of New York


The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_01The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_02The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_11 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_12 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_13 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_14 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_15 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_16 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_17 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_18 The_Garage_Starlets_Frenel_Morris_Still_Life_Stilllife_Hays_Exclusive_Interview_Madlena_Kalinova_19


Frenel Morris is the creative visionary behind STILL LIFE NYC.  He designs, creates, shoots and sells the hats from start to finish.  Still Life was founded in 2005. Frenel was born in Patterson, New Jersey and went to Wayne hills high-school. He was very creatively involved through his early to teenage years- art classes, music etc. so finally he moved to NYC to study art at Parsons. We met with him and asked him few questions:

Why hats?
I’ve always had a love for accessories, mainly hats. Hats just seemed more accessible.

How do you come up with colours and shapes?
The creative development behind the style/shape is based on what I am feeling for the season – what the mood is, the look, the overall vibe. That then plays organically into the colour and material.

Do you follow any trends?
No, I set them :) — (and he often is ahead of his own time).

Do you wear your hats and if yes, is it every day?
Yes, depends on what I am feeling or working on. I let my hats
inspire me daily.

Which one are you wearing today?
Denim cut ’n’ sew.

Who is your client and are you based in NY?
The office is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The factory is in midtown Manhattan with a store on the Lower East Side at 113 Division Street.  My client is anyone who likes hast from the everyday to the true connoisseur- male, female, young, old.

Are you thinking of expanding one day?
Absolutely! I on working on my global expansion in Paris and London next with Asia on the horizon.

Where do you design? Studio, home?
Creative development in Brooklyn, millinery in his midtown Manhattan factory.

What are your dreams as a designer?
Design the $1 million dollar hat!!  Of course as a designer, always keeping true to the brand heritage behind his story and see how that can trickle into other categories within fashion.

What is the future holding for you?
Expand and evolve while making people look fresh in hats…


Author: Madlena Kalinova Photos: Still Life






The world of Beatrix Ost


The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_11 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_12 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_13 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_14 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_15 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_16 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Beatrix_Ost_17


The world of Beatrix Ost – Magical, Colorful, Avant-garde, Full of Character and Art. A Wild Incredible Paradise

The beautiful and enchanted world of Beatrix Ost has touched me deeply to the core of my soul and inspired me to pursue her to be featured on the blog and just like a little child to take a piece of her wisdom with me. The positivity of this lady came through to me the first time I met her and gives a memorable impression shining through her smile, perhaps because of the diamond incrusted in her tooth. She is the living embodiment of an inspirational woman in every sense. Her deep wisdom and love are just mesmerizing, but at the age of 74 her curiosity, simple joy, and effortless bliss you feel from her is the very child like quality she grabs you and impresses you with the most.  She loves life more than anyone. An artist, World War II Survivor she became also a writer at the age of 60.  She just wanted to preserve her memories and experience for the family memoirs. She does everything with so much passion and attention to detail from painting, writing, cooking, to her apartment and even designing her own clothes. 

Her kindness, warmth, and creativity extended to supporting a family of Tibetans monks for a year by assigning them with creating a rug for her with inscription of words from her personal notebook. She can’t live without her red lipstick and silk turbans. Her favorite designers are Vivienne Westwood, Comme De Garcons, and Philip Treacy. The name of her first book that is being made into a movie “ My Father’s House: A Childhood in Wartime Bavaria”.

Her philosophy of life: “In your body is a good place to be”

In the photos: Dress, cape, gloves designed by her. Shoes Varda, rings Cordognato Venice, necklace antique crystal, earrings vintage 20’s designer, turban Italian silk.

Photographer for TheGarageStarlets: Ellin Anderegg .

Author: Madlena Kalinova







InstaStyle: Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman


By: Krasi Genova
Two of the four founding members of System Magazine, Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman are definitely fashion graces you can’t miss noticing. They are bold, beautiful and smart enough to combine all their talents to launch System magazine one year and a half ago.
Both of them very stylish, Alexia and Elizabeth have big experience of working in a fashion field. Previously being part of Industrie magazine, the pair founded Ever Consulting, an eco-friendly green luxury consultancy, which advises and produces events for André Balazs, Fendi, and Vanessa Bruno. They published alsothe Ever Manifesto with Charlotte Casiraghi.
“Our mission at Ever Manifesto is to challenge the thought process behind modern creative processes and consumption, and to question how we approach the world that surrounds us so that we can make the world a greener and more ecologically aware place.”
The first issue, published as a newspaper in September 2009, was edited by Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, sponsored by Loro Piana, and took on the theme of sustainability. The second issue focused on bamboo as an ideal material for design research and development, and was guest edited by W magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi.
But the true success and recognition came with System magazine. And fashion system if something they know well, damn well…as you might guess looking at their stunning wardrobes and these bold eyes which are capable to see …beyond. And that is something they say is distinguished for visionaries.

Rosario Nadal


By Krasi Genova
45-years old Spanish beauty and ex wife of Bulgarian Kyril, Prince of Preslav – Rosario Nadal is shining as a star at the opening of new Jumex Museum in Mexico in arms of her new love – Albanian born contemporary artist Anri Sola.
Valentino’s muse Rosario is newly appointed associated director of Jumex museum.
“Swan-necked, high-cheekboned and a natural beauty, she has gaminelike brown hair and opalescent eyes as big as saucers, which change from jade green to gray blue to agate to what she’s wearing.”, says American magazine Town and country and one of her best friends – handsome Brazilian-born Carlos Souza adds:
“She is like a pearl on the crown wherever she goes!”
We cant agree more!

Painted World of Fashion


Brazilian writer Julius Wiedelmann managed to collect most beautiful fashion illustrations into a book called Fashion Illustration NOW, published by Taschen.
llustration is integral to fashion design not only as a means of expression, and the starting point of every design, but also for patterns and prints as well as magazine editorial illustrations. More than 90 artists around the globe, including Ruben Toledo, Aurore de La Morinerie, Bil Donovan, Tanya Ling, Jean-Philippe Delhomme and our favorite french Alexandra Compain – Tissier are included in this book. Following an introduction by illustration expert Steven Heller, the historical essay by art and fashion historian Adelheid Rasche provides an in-depth exploration of the subject. Looking back to the 17th century, she draws a timeline of fashion illustration until today, accompanied by images such as an early etching by François Watteau, a drawing by Paul Iribe for the book of the famous Parisian couturier Paul Poiret, and illustrations by the highly acclaimed masters of modern fashion illustration René Gruau and Antonio Lopez, as well as, from more recent years, François Berthoud.

InstaStyle: Anh Duong


Images: Anh Duong
By: Krasi Genova
She is known with her refine and remarkable taste – of clothing, art of living and talent of capturing beauty in life onto a canvas. 
Raised in France, the daughter of a Spanish mother and a Vietnamese father, artist Anh Duong has always considered herself an outsider.
 “I feel at home everywhere and nowhere,” she says in AD interview. But the East End of New York’s Long Island has had a peculiar hold on her for nearly half of her life. She spent her first summer there in 1988, when, as a model fresh from Paris, she joined Julian Schnabel, then her new boyfriend, in Andy Warhol’s former cliff-top house in Montauk. It was there that she painted her first self-portrait, the genre that has become her artistic signature. 
Beautiful and talented Anh Duong has a reserved position in Vogue list of well dressed people but what makes her unique is capability to capture beauty around in colors. Her paintings are like a love poem – sensitive, wise and vulnerable at same time. 
Some of you who will have a chance to see her upcoming exhibition at Robilant+Voena gallery, London in February, will experience this unexpected journey into the intimate world of one of the real aristocratic ladies of this century. This is going to be Anh’s first UK exhibition of paintings and sculptures and it will feature twelve paintings and two sculptures. 
Open from February 3rd through to March 21st 2014.

EXCLUSIVE: Alicia Keys


Photos for TheGarageStarlets: Ana Lara
Alicia Keys needs no introduction! 104 awards won, 14 times Grammy award winner, amazing woman, mother, wife, singer and actress that dedicates her spare time to philanthropy! A true Superwoman!
But now we would like to look at her as a Style Icon as well! Her personal style changed through the years turning her into an absolute IT girl in the fashion scene! Among her favourite brands are Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Christian Louboutin but here she is all about vintage love and timeless pieces.
Alicia is wearing:
Jacket: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, get them HERE and similar HERE and HERE
Sunglasses:  BOOMBOX X

Also you can read our Exclusive Interview with Alicia about her sneakers line with Reebok HERE .


Exclusive Interview: Alicia Keys for Reebok


Hi guys!  Recently the sneaker world has been taken by storm by Reebok and its great new designs. One of Reebok’s best sellers is the new line that is a collaboration with the amazing singer Alicia Keys.


The 14-time Grammy Award winner is getting ready to release her 5th album, “Girl on Fire” on November 27th.  We fell in love with the designs and wanted to know more about her line so here is what we chatted about:
– Hi Alicia!  Which pair are you wearing today?
 Alicia Keys: Today I am wearing the Camo green with peach stitching and grey suede wrapping around the top that will come out for the holidays!  Perfect for a tough and sexy girl!  😉
– Did they become the IT piece of your wardrobe?
  A.K.: Absolutely! Especially for days I want to be cute and comfortable! I love that I don’t just have to wear heels to feel that way.
– So tell us how it all started. Why did you decide to design sneakers?
A.K.: It started from my childhood!  I always wore these particular kind of Reeboks called 54.11’s. They were called that because after tax that’s how much the shoes cost!  😉   I wore them all the time because the price was good and they had many different colors and styles that I could match with anything.  It was a dream of mine since then and now I’ve found another field to be creative in.  It’s really cool!!
– Who are the women that the line is made for?
A.K.: Chic, cool women that have a bold flare and like to express all sides of themselves!!! 😉
– What inspired you for the collection?
A.K.: What inspired me were my favorite colors, my street sensibility, New York City and the girly tomboy in me  😉
– Now we see “keys” on a pear of sneakers.  Should we expect to see them on a dress anytime soon? 
A.K.: Ha!!  😉  I think we should all expect the world to unfold everything before us!   Because anything is possible  😉
– You are a sneaker girl but how do you feel when you put a pair of your own design on?
 A.K.: I feel really really good!!  It’s really nice to have a vision for something and see it become real! It’s even cooler to see other girls have it on!  My friends have seen them on women from Paris to NY and everywhere In between and THAT is a good feeling!!  😉
  And for the nearest future?
 A.K.: More to come!!! More hot sneaks, more music!! Album November 27th!!!  I couldn’t be more excited!!  😉