Azzedine Alaïa’s First Fragrance



More than 30 years after starting his business, Azzedine Alaïa has launched the brand’s first fragrance. According to the New York Times, the new “Alaïa Paris” perfume was created with the help of Beauté Prestige International and the head perfumer on the project describes the scent as “cold water falling on hot chalk.”



After falling in love with his dresses and shoes, we can not wait to see, or rather smell his new creation. Our friends from Z!NK Magazine seems to like it.






Red-Hot Flames

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_01 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_10


Hey guys,

I called this story “Red-Hot Flames” because initially I was inspired by this red hot Gianvitos I got. The shoes as you probably see were inspired by the flames of a fire as Gianvito Rossi himself have told me. Yeah I was lucky enough to work with this talented man and learn a lot about the way he creates his sexy shoes. But let me tell you the most impressive aspect of working with him was the will and positive attitude towards hard working and being involved in all aspects of his shoe company. He loves his work, his shoes, his clients, his life!!! And what’s not to love after all he creates art and as we know creativity is intelligence having fun!!! 😉


Since I have never owned a red pair of shoes I did decide that my first pair should be special and it is indeed, don’t you think? What more special than a shoe simulating flames?!


So obviously they really got me excited and I went in my closet on the search for a cool funky way to tone the sexiness and fire of this shoe down in order to make it street style cool. Et voila what better way than an oversized Givenchy t-shirt and a pair of leather pants, so cool I thought. As I put it all together, I loved it, but you know that feeling when you know something is missing.


I decided I needed something more in this red-hot shade and I thought how about red-hot lips. Then I went into a search of the hottest strong red almost coral like color lipsticks in all the beauty stores in NYC. And I found this gem of a lip tar that is by the company called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They are 100 % vegan and cruelty free and have all the different crazy colors and even some metallic! You can also mix different ones and create your own shade, which I thought was so cool and I have seen make up artists do all the time.


With this discovery of mine I felt satisfied that my look was done. I think that I accomplished what I was aiming for… a cool, funky but yet feminine and sexy outfit! What do you guys think? May be a new interpretation of Sex and The City, but instead of my Manolos are my Gianvitos!


Special thanks to the two man I absolutely love working with Gianvito Rossi and his sales director who I adore Serge Biasin!!!

By: Madlena Kalinova, Photography: Tat Leong


I am wearing:

T-shirt Givenchy, similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE, HEREHERE and HERE


Sequin Bag: Chanel, similar HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Red Hot Mule: Gianvito Rossi, similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

and in Black HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Cuff: Hermes

Red Hot Lip Tart by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Harlot, find it at Sephora





Dream Hair

The_Garage_Starlets_Frida_Gustavsson_Olivia_Frolich_Costume_Denmark_February_2015_03 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Frida_Gustavsson_Olivia_Frolich_Costume_Denmark_February_2015_01The_Garage_Starlets_Frida_Gustavsson_Olivia_Frolich_Costume_Denmark_February_2015_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Frida_Gustavsson_Olivia_Frolich_Costume_Denmark_February_2015_03

Hi guys! It always comes a time when we need and crave a change. And the change I really dream about is a new haircut.

I almost always used to have short hair while modelling full time. Clients always wanted to keep it short and I couldn’t wait for the moment that I can have long hair. This moment came and I was so happy to have ponytails, and braid it and try out the tons of possibilities that long hair offers you. And slowly I got tired of all that and started just caring it the way it is, washed and air dried, as simple as possible. And I have been looking for the hairstyle to steal my heart.

I recently saw these photos and fell in love with Frida’s hair. It looks so fresh, light modded, dreamy… I am officially in love! Well, now I just have to convince my husband, who never let me cut my hair shorter, to reconsider :) Meanwhile, please let me know what you think about this hairdo in the comments bellow!

 Photos: Costume Denmark February 2015

Model: Frida Gustavsson

Photographer: Olivia Frolich



Holiday Beauty with AVON LUXE


The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Avon_Cosmetics_Holiday_Christmas_Party_Face_Care_Make-up_07


Who doesn’t want to be gorgeous during the holidays and all the parties that come with them? AVON LUXE has some amazing products to turn you in the star of the night. The absolutely invisible base, the shimmering powder and the blush are our favourite but let’s not forget the perfect eye-shadows palette with great combination of shades. You can find them at AVON online store.


In case you’ve missed Katia for AVON photoshoot you can see it HERE. Also check out her video for AVON LUXE collection.


Have a great Holiday Season!









The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Moroccanoil_Treatment_Hair_Care_7


Moroccanoil® Treatment’s versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage. It’s an amazing product and we love it!

Find it HERE or at your nearest hairdresser salon.






The_Garage_Starlets_Lysedia_Beauty_Cosmetics_Cream_Eyes_Face_Mask_Skin_Care_02 copy


Women today spend time on beauty, seeking to keep their skin smooth, supple, and glowing for as long as possible. We want to profit from the innovations of our era, to test the latest active ingredients aesthetic research has to offer – without suffering, and without the risks of surgery. Hence LYSEDIA LABORATORY’s great idea: to formulate the very best in cutting edge skincare products and protocols so that women can enjoy the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine in their own homes, pain-free. Superb products that I absolutely adore! This is my LYSEDIA skin care program and it is mixed of their 2 lines- RevitalAge and LiftAge.





Rich in exclusive active ingredients inspired by aesthetic medicine, Lysedia anti-age products act on tired skin lacking in tone and glow. Revitalization renews the vital potential of skin and tissues. It stimulates and fosters the production of collagen, reinforces elastin fibres, and regenerates muscle mass. It also helps strengthen the hydrolipidic film. Painlessly and without leaving any marks, it completely revitalizes skin and reveals magnificent glow. I chose them for my Day routine and the spray for when needed.




REVITALIZING MASK – Increase hydratation, stimulates collagen restoration, activates fibroblast renewal. RevitalAge revitalising mask is a needle-free mild mesolift treatment that gives lasting results without pain. It improves hydration deep down, activates fibroblast renewal and stimulates collagen and elastin production. Special ingredient- RED GINSENG: Ginseng is an adaptogen with toning, regenerative power. It is also an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. The pack consist of 3 doses that you should apply once every 10 days for 1 month. Each dose is made out of 2 packs- Phase 1 and Phase 2, which you mix just before application. Promises amazing results and honestly I LOVE it!




REGENERATING LOTION S5 – Instant radiance regenerates, brightens boosts and hydrates the skin. Lotion RÉGÉNÉRANTE S5 is a vitamin-enriched moisturiser that stimulates, re-oxygenates and re-balances the skin. Contains a cocktail of active ingredients that activate cell regeneration. Special ingredient- WHITE LILY: Softening and healing, it is also known for activating cellular regeneration and for its anti-inflammatory properties that help fight redness while evening skin tone with its brightening properties. Spray on clean face and neck before day moisturiser or night cream, or when needed.




REVITALIZING DAY CREAM – Revitalises and regenerates skin, reduces the signs of ageing, redefines facial contours. Hyaluronic acid and micronutrient complex help skin cell regeneration. Special ingredient- SPIRULINA: Rich in nutrients, notably in amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, which give it exceptional revitalizing, fortifying, and nourishing properties. It improves skin’s suppleness and elasticity and acts to stimulate and regenerate collagen and elastin.





Lysedia Laboratory offers innovative blends to fight sagging skin and wrinkles. Unlike skincare regimens that use the botulinum toxin or its derivatives, which act on frown lines by interfering with neural transmission in order to inhibit acetylcholine production at neuromuscular junctions, Lysedia skin care products do not destroy or paralyze anything. They simply prevent the production of acetylcholine at the source. Painless and nontoxic, they smooth and tone the skin, focusing on delicate zones like the under-eye area. I chose them for my Night routine and Eye-care.




ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM – Anti-wrinkle firming plant complex relaxing effect. A rich complex that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. produces a relaxing effect on the muscles to minimise wrinkles. Special ingredient- CENTELLA ASIATICA : In cosmetics, research on centella has isolated asiaticoside, a specific compound capable of soothing irritated skin and stimulating the synthesis of collagen. Centella extract is also prized because it is rich in unsaponifiables, which are known for their capacity to protect the skin from ageing.




EYE CONTOUR ANTI-AGING – Refreshes, brightens eye contour area, has an immediate smoothing effect, reduces puffiness and dark circles. The eye contour anti-aging decongests, smoothes and soothes the eye contour. Reduces puffiness, dark circles and decongests. Special ingredient- BLUE LOTUS: Blue Lotus seed has a relaxing effect and reduces cutaneous stress that causes early facial wrinkles and frown lines. It has an astringent, smoothing effect.




ANTI-AGING MASK – Hydrates and adds volume to the skin. Strengthens and regenerates skin cells. LiftAge anti-ageing mask reduces wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. Combats the formation of free radicals. Use every 10 days for a month as an intensive treatment, and then once every six weeks. Special ingredient- SEA MAYWEED: This plant acts on wrinkles by relaxing the skin’s musculature in what is known as the “botox effect” – only gentler, and more natural. It plumps skin by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It also protects by inhibiting free radicals. This package also offers 3 doses. Each dose is made out of 2 packs- Phase 1 and Phase 2, which you mix just before application. Another one of my absolute favourites of all times!


You can find LYSEDIA in the pharmacies!

Enjoy and be beautiful!





Kérastase Densifique


The_Garage_Starlets_Kerastase_Densifique_Hair_Care_Cosmetics_Beauty_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Kerastase_Densifique_Hair_Care_Cosmetics_Beauty_02


Kérastase Densifique is a hair-care system that is offered at salon and at-home use. Instantly hair fibre is texturised and soft to the touch. After continued use Densifique reveals a significant improvement in hair mass, to create fuller looking hair.


As part of the Densifique line we found this ampules which are daily at-home program designed to significantly improve hair density. You should apply morning or night to damp or dry hair. Massage into the hair and scalp using a circular motion. For best results, apply one vial per day for 3 months so you can get the best results of up to 1,700 new hairs. Formulated with a powerful blend of Stemoxydine®, Vitamin B3, B5 + B6 and texturizing polymers for an unprecedented densifying action, it promises to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.





After Sun



After sun products are important for your skin as much as sun protection. They will rehydrate and calm your skin after sun exposure and help it be young and beautiful.




This post-sun soother is a crucial remedy for healing sun-parched skin and takes care of your face and body. Formulated with rich minerals and extracts, Soothing After Sun Mist Face/Body works to balance the skin’s mineral equilibrium while instantly diminishing redness and calming irritability. A relaxing mist of comforting botanicals provides nourishment and cools sensitive skin. It maintains moisture in the skin to counteract sun exposure, calms skin after exposure to potential irritation and drying while antioxidants protect from premature ageing signs. You can get it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.




This moisturising milk for the face and the body works to rehydrate skin that has been dried out by the sun. It also prepares it for further exposure, optimising its natural anti-UV protection and maintaining a balanced hydration level. Exclusive patented Cellular BIOprotection complex effectively shields the skin against risks of cell damage. The emollient, soothing cream decongests the skin after exposure, and curbs skin peeling. With its light and easy to apply texture, the After Sun is delightfully refreshing. Get it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.






SunKissed Hair



The sun can be damaging on your hair as much as your skin, so the key is to protect it as much as possible.  Our favourite summer haircare is Kerastase Soleil.



Kerastase Soleil Bain Apres-Soleil is a repairing shampoo that provides your hair with added softness and lightness. Formulated with ceramides to enhance hair cuticles and any damage caused by sun exposure. You can find it HERE, HERE and HERE.



Kérastase Masque UV Défense Active is an after-sun treatment created to repair coloured hair exposed to the sun. Your hair will be left soft and shiny with long lasting colour radiance. Find it HERE, HERE and HERE.




Kerastase Soleil CC Crème is here to help all your sun-drenched hair woes. Formulated with repairing oils and illuminating pearls, this luxurious hair crème works to bring your hair a trio of benefits; repair, protect and illuminate. Hair has instant shine with long-term protection and nutrition. Get similar product  HERE, HERE and HERE.









Summer is here and more and more days are spent by the swimming pool, the beach, the sea. We love being in the sun! So a good sun protection is heavily needed. Here are some of our favourite sunblock products:




Designed for daily protection against potentially damaging light, this powerful, lightweight fluid formula helps to prevent the appearance of future discolorations while keeping skin comfortable, hydrated and soothed. You can get it HERE and HERE . You can try also their new sun screen products HERE, HERE and HERE.




If you would like to have better looking skin you can use the coloured daily protection. It comes in few different shades with SPF18. And if it’s not enough for the beach it is perfect for everyday city life. You can find it in its new designed packaging HEREHERE and HERE.




Ultra protection stick eye, lip and nose is for all these delicate areas that often are left neglected but actually need protection the most. Plus it fits perfectly in your bag. You can find it HEREHERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


The_Garage_Starlets_Sun_Care_Creme_De_La_Mer_La_Prairie_Bioderma_Chanel_Seba_Med_Institut_Esthederm_Protection_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Sun_Care_Creme_De_La_Mer_La_Prairie_Bioderma_Chanel_Seba_Med_Institut_Esthederm_Protection_06

Love the Chanel Le Beiges Powder SPF15! It is the the perfect final touch for flawless skin. Find it HERE.



Bioderma’s Photoderm Bronz SPF30 Spray is the perfect body care. It has high protection but it helps you get perfect coloured skin tone as well. It activates, intensifies and durably prolongs the tan. On the one hand, it stimulates the production of melanin, the pigment that naturally protects the skin against the sun’s rays and which is responseble for the skin colouring. On the other hand, Photoderm BRONZ helps to ensure the melanin is homogeneously distributed, thus achieving an even tan. It comes in SPF50 as well and although the high protection it is extremely easy to apply. Perfection! Get it HERE and the oil version HERE also in SPF50 HERE and the oil HERE.

Adaptasun by Institut Esthederm is the other favourite body protection. Perfect for skin which tans easily, it stimulates, enhances and intensifies your tan. When used regularly, skin is left velvety-soft and adapts more quickly to the sun for a deeper, stimulated and long-lasting tan. You can get it HERE, HERE  and HERE



The_Garage_Starlets_Sun_Care_Creme_De_La_Mer_La_Prairie_Bioderma_Chanel_Seba_Med_Institut_Esthederm_Protection_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Sun_Care_Creme_De_La_Mer_La_Prairie_Bioderma_Chanel_Seba_Med_Institut_Esthederm_Protection_10

SebaMed is known as one of the best baby cosmetics brands but they have tons of amazing products for grown ups too, like an amazing sun care line. I am in love with SebaMed’s  Multi Protect Sun Cream SPF30 or SPF50! It is my favourite face protection! It is an Anty-Agenig skin protection with vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5 while the highly effective UVA/UVB filter system combined with micro-pigments prevent sunlight induced damage and irritations to the skin. It has one of the highest UVA protections- 98 % so you can forget about the pigmentation. Natural Hydro-Fructol Formula keeps the sun-exposed skin smooth and supple to protect the elasticity of the skin. It is water resistant, extremely easily applied and non-greasy. So light on the skin that is perfect to use on the beach and in the city as everyday protection. You can buy it in the pharmacies.








Alicia Keys x Givenchy



Since it was announced that Riccardo Tisci has chosen his (and our :) ) close friend Alicia Keys to front Givenchy’s new fragrance campaign the fans were anxious to see the results. And the photo is finally here! Alicia looks absolutely amazing in the Dahlia Divin perfume ad. Incredibly feminine and elegant but with an edge and futuristic feel to it. “For my modern day goddesses! Shine without inhibition!” says Alicia about the fragrance. While we are still waiting for the campaign video to be released you can check our


exclusive post on Alicia’s personal style HERE


and our


exclusive interview about her collaboration with REEBOK HERE.







Perfect Eyes


The_Garage_Starlets_La_Prairie_Light_Fantastic_Cellular_Concealing_Eye_Treatment_01 The_Garage_Starlets_La_Prairie_Light_Fantastic_Cellular_Concealing_Eye_Treatment_02The_Garage_Starlets_La_Prairie_Light_Fantastic_Cellular_Concealing_Eye_Treatment_03

For me wearing much make-up in the hot summer days is a BIG No-No! There is pretty much nothing worst than melting make-up. So with not too many options left let us at least have perfect eyes.

Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment is my favourite concealer out there. The beauty tool is nothing short of fantastic- it brightens, refreshes and illuminates the skin around the eye area as well as anywhere else on the face while concealing all imperfections on the way. It also helps banish the appearance of dark under-eye circles, uneven skin tone, fine lines and the feeling of puffiness while showcasing and highlighting the areas you want to call attention to, including cheekbones, chin and forehead. It blends so well with the skin that no one can tell you are wearing concealer.

Last but definitely not least, La Prairie’s Exclusive, patented Cellular Complex helps to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning. Plus the price is comparable to other conceallers, considering that each Light Fantastic Cellular Concealing Brightening Eye Treatment comes with two refills. One is in the pen and the other is provided in the product tray.

You can get it HERE and HERE