GS for Balmain X H&M Look 6

The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_07 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Nikolai_Hristov_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_09


Happy Saturday everyone! It’s time for my next outfit featuring pieces from the Balmain X H&M Men’s collection. And this look is perfect for the weekend – stylish, cool and easy and yet it’s not your ordinary one piece since the massive zippers give it an edge and make you feel like you just landed a fighter jet. As an extra, throwing on this awesome jumpsuit will save you precious time that you can add to your sleep after a Friday night out.


I am wearing: Jumpsuit: Balmain X H&M – $129  /  Top: Balmain X H&M: $29.99  /  Sneakers: Nike  /  Sunglasses: Balmain X H&M – $49.99




Nikolay Hristov

Photos: Mikael Stefanov



GS for Balmain x H&M Look 5

The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_01 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_Balmaination_Gucci_Chloe_11


Hi Guys! Look 5 from our Garage Starlets exclusive for Balmain x H&M features my favourite item from the collection – the biker leather pants. We all are so lucky to have this signature Balmain piece is the collaboration collection! Definitely a must have item! I have paired them with a sweater from the Men’s collection which I is great for a tomboy look. I am wearing the smallest size and it fits me perfectly.


I am wearing: Sweater: Balmain x H&M Men’s collection – $59   /  Balmain x H&M Biker leather pants – $399  /    Shoes: Chloe  /  Bag: Chanel  /  Hat: Gucci  /  Sunglasses: Celine







Balmain x H&M The Launch Party

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_01 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_05

Kylie Jenner, Lewis Hamilton

Kylie Jenner, Lewis Hamilton

Backstreet Boys, Olivier Rousteing, Ann-Sofie Johansson

Backstreet Boys, Olivier Rousteing, Ann-Sofie Johansson


Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_11 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_12 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_13 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_14

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_16 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_17

Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Ophelie Guillermand, Olivier Rousteing, Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Constance Jablonski, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Benjamin Benedek

Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Ophelie Guillermand, Olivier Rousteing, Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Constance Jablonski, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Benjamin Benedek

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_19 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_H&M_HMBalmaination_New_York_20


New York, Octorber 20th, a typical Tuesday Night instantly turned a Wall Street venue from a Financial mecca to Fashions most wanted with the who’s who of the industry all out to buy a piece of the collaboration. This being the launch OF THE incredible collaboration of Balmain X H&M. The ambiance provided a furturistic subway scene and a typical runway with all the top models from Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio to Jourdan Dunn. Let’s just say this was nothing short of a full blown fashion fiesta. It was exciting, electric, and you could feel the energy amongst the crowd. The show started with an amazing presentation of the video which was shot for the campaign starring Kendall, Gigi, Jourdan Dunn (just to mention a few) followed by a beautiful dance company in which some of the girls even looked like fashion soldiers in a Balmain Army. As the dancers waltzed off the stage, the lights hit the runway, the music got loud, and the crowd waited in anticipation for the first look to walk out. As each model paraded down the glossy catwalk, all eyes were glued to the structured, leather jackets that we all love. Colorful pieces that highlighted much of Balmain’s attention to detail displaying texture, as well as beading, sequence, and suede. Genie pants popped up more than once, providing a tomboy chic look amongst all of the glamorous pieces.


Just when we thought the show was coming to a close, a special appearance from The Backstreet Boys had us all on our feet. Of course, all the band members were dressed in their own tailored Balmain X H&M outfits providing even more eye candy than we thought we signed up for. After throwing us all back to our teenage years, The Backstreet Boys joined Olivier and his army of Supermodels as they closed out the show.


Now, we all know that after the show is the after party ….and that’s exactly where we all went. They held the fiesta in the same venue and before I knew it, I was taking selfies with Actress Diane Krueger and Top Model Sara Sampaio. The evening exceeded all expectations I had for what I thought was going to be the usual high fashion shows that I’m used to attending during NYFW.


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, in which I found myself feeling extremely grateful to H&M Bulgaria for inviting me to be a part of an unforgettable experience! This one will definitely go down in the books! I can’t wait for you all to be able to see the new collection which hits ALL H&M stores and on-line, this November 5th, 2015.





GS for Balmain x H&M Look 2


The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_11 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_12 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_13


Look 2 from our #HMBalmaination marathon is here! It is a total Balmain x H&M look and  features the leather biker jacket – $399, the black and white shirt – $69.99, the black and white skirt – $59.99 and I have paired them with Louis Vuitton shoes for an elegant but relaxed and easy look.



Photos: Mikael Stefanov





My Harper’s Bazaar Cover in Balmain x H&M

The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_01 copy



Hi Guys! I am on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar October 2015! :)


I am so happy to finally share with you this cover and editorial that we shot in St. Tropez in July. The amazing team fronted by the editor in chief Milena Alexieva had created the story board that I fell in love with and I was beyond excited that they chose me to be the model! The whole team worked hard and with endless passion and I hope you guys like the photos as much as I do!


The other special thing about the editorial is that you can see some of the pieces from the Balmain x H&M collection. On the cover for example I am wearing the green sequin dress and in the other photos there is more such as the red mini skirt, the extremely high suede boots and the black and gold high heels, some of the accessories such as rings and earrings, necklace and bracelet and my favourite piece – the long blazer in the last photo. The black and white shirt and sweater are also on my shopping list. And stay tuned because from tomorrow we will start posting on the blog looks that we had shot specially for you with pieces from the Balmain x H&M collection. You will have a chance to see what we love from the collection and the way we would wear them.


Tomorrow we will post our first look from what will be Balmain x H&M marathon! Don’t miss the 2 weeks of everyday #HMBalmaination !


The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_07The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_08 09The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Katia_Peneva_Popov_Harper's_Bazaar_Bulgaria_October_2015_Cover_Story_Balmain_X_H&M_HMBalmaination_11

Harper’s Bazaar Bulgaria October 2015

Model: Katia Peneva Popov

Photographer: Kostadin Krastev

Realization: Milena Alexieva

Styling: Nikolay Hristov

Make-up and manicure: Alina Manova

Hair: Ivan Valeriev



Red-Hot Flames

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_01 copy

The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_New_York_Givenchy_Balmain_Chanel_Gianvito_Rossi_Hermes_10


Hey guys,

I called this story “Red-Hot Flames” because initially I was inspired by this red hot Gianvitos I got. The shoes as you probably see were inspired by the flames of a fire as Gianvito Rossi himself have told me. Yeah I was lucky enough to work with this talented man and learn a lot about the way he creates his sexy shoes. But let me tell you the most impressive aspect of working with him was the will and positive attitude towards hard working and being involved in all aspects of his shoe company. He loves his work, his shoes, his clients, his life!!! And what’s not to love after all he creates art and as we know creativity is intelligence having fun!!! 😉


Since I have never owned a red pair of shoes I did decide that my first pair should be special and it is indeed, don’t you think? What more special than a shoe simulating flames?!


So obviously they really got me excited and I went in my closet on the search for a cool funky way to tone the sexiness and fire of this shoe down in order to make it street style cool. Et voila what better way than an oversized Givenchy t-shirt and a pair of leather pants, so cool I thought. As I put it all together, I loved it, but you know that feeling when you know something is missing.


I decided I needed something more in this red-hot shade and I thought how about red-hot lips. Then I went into a search of the hottest strong red almost coral like color lipsticks in all the beauty stores in NYC. And I found this gem of a lip tar that is by the company called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. They are 100 % vegan and cruelty free and have all the different crazy colors and even some metallic! You can also mix different ones and create your own shade, which I thought was so cool and I have seen make up artists do all the time.


With this discovery of mine I felt satisfied that my look was done. I think that I accomplished what I was aiming for… a cool, funky but yet feminine and sexy outfit! What do you guys think? May be a new interpretation of Sex and The City, but instead of my Manolos are my Gianvitos!


Special thanks to the two man I absolutely love working with Gianvito Rossi and his sales director who I adore Serge Biasin!!!

By: Madlena Kalinova, Photography: Tat Leong


I am wearing:

T-shirt Givenchy, similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE, HEREHERE and HERE


Sequin Bag: Chanel, similar HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Red Hot Mule: Gianvito Rossi, similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

and in Black HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Cuff: Hermes

Red Hot Lip Tart by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Harlot, find it at Sephora





Flower Power


The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_01 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_02 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_03 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_04 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_05 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_06 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_07 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_08 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_09 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_10 The_Garage_Starlets_Madlena_Kalinova_Balmain_Christian_Louboutin_Sandro_Cynthia_Rowley_Chanel_Hermes_Cartier_Van_Cleef_And_Arpels_Stella_McCartney_11

Hello from New York again!
I am so excited that flowers are a trend again. Got this cool jacket two seasons ago from Cynthia  Rowley at the end of the season and never got the chance to really wear it. Decided to pair it with the motorcycle leather pants from Balmain to bring some cool vibe to it. And during my photo shoot I noticed these two sweet men in the garage next door working on repairing some cars. Next thing you know we started chatting and they invited me to take a peek at their work day. Of course I had to include them in my photo shoot….after all they are wearing cool overalls…;) You have to love New York with its diversity. Hope you guys like it.
Jacket: Cynthia Rowley, similar HEREHERE and HERE
T-shirt: Sandro
Leather pants: Balmain HERE, HERE and HERE
Suede Bootie: Christian Louboutin, similar HEREHERE and HERE
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Stella McCartney
Bracelets: Hermes, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels