Katia Peneva Popov x GA Paris


Hi Guys! In the spring I flew to Paris to take part in the campaign photoshoot for a really stylish new fashion brand G-A.Paris . Gabriela Alexandrova  is a Parisian brand dedicated to finding the just line that would draw a contemporary answer to an eternal silhouette. Effecient and sober. A garment – friend which will travel with us through time, compliment us and define us. Like a second skin.

The designer of the brand, Gabriela Alexandrova has worked as creative  director for luxury brands such as Dior, Chaumet, Jil Sander before moving on to start her own label. All her designs are created in the Parisian studio and entirely produced in France from a selection of noble and natural fabrics.

Hope you love the collection and the photos as much as we do. You can see the whole collection and order items online at G-A.Paris



Katia Peneva Popov


The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_02 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_03 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_04 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_05 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_06 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_07 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_08 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_09 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_10 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_11 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_12 The_Garage_Starlets_G_A_Paris_Gabriela_Alexandrova_Collection_Designer_13