After Sun



After sun products are important for your skin as much as sun protection. They will rehydrate and calm your skin after sun exposure and help it be young and beautiful.




This post-sun soother is a crucial remedy for healing sun-parched skin and takes care of your face and body. Formulated with rich minerals and extracts, Soothing After Sun Mist Face/Body works to balance the skin’s mineral equilibrium while instantly diminishing redness and calming irritability. A relaxing mist of comforting botanicals provides nourishment and cools sensitive skin. It maintains moisture in the skin to counteract sun exposure, calms skin after exposure to potential irritation and drying while antioxidants protect from premature ageing signs. You can get it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.




This moisturising milk for the face and the body works to rehydrate skin that has been dried out by the sun. It also prepares it for further exposure, optimising its natural anti-UV protection and maintaining a balanced hydration level. Exclusive patented Cellular BIOprotection complex effectively shields the skin against risks of cell damage. The emollient, soothing cream decongests the skin after exposure, and curbs skin peeling. With its light and easy to apply texture, the After Sun is delightfully refreshing. Get it HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.