Vladimir Karaleev Berlin Fashion week S/S 2015


Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0008-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0011-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0014-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0015-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0016-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0025-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0027-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0040-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0043-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0046-600x900 Vladimir_Karaleev_cStefanKraul_0052-600x900

The S/S 2015 collection of Vladimir Karaleev’s, Bulgarian born and Berlin based designer, was presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Sharp-as-knife cut and constructivism references are known as the designer’s hallmark. Great attention is given to graphic elements transmitted via mixture of different fabrics. While blocks of organza are paired with tweed, some looks feature geometric appliqué over coats and sweatshirts. Sporty mesh for boys and transparent layers of organza for girls.

Constructivism aesthetics and vision are applied successfully on both women and men elements of the collection.