Exclusive Interview: Carre Otis

Written by: Krasi Genova
From top model and actress, American beauty CARRE OTISchanges her life with few steps. Going through a personal evolution with a help of a few teachers in life, telling goodbye to all bitter memories (in her autobiography Beauty, Disrupted: A Memoir Otis, 45, candidly writes about her struggle to overcome anorexia, as well as drug and alcohol addictions, and the spiritual quest that eventually led her to Buddhism). From her farm in California she talks about new life, hope and gives an important lessons to Krasi Genova.
When and what was the reason behind your decision to quite fashion and red carpet world and be back to ordinary and simple things in life?
BEING A MOTHER RECALIBRATED MY PRIORITIES IN LIFE. It has set the pace for how I move and flow in my day and each and every choice I make. Children need simplicity. Nature is essential to me and how I raise my daughters. I need the time and solitude and space to give them the pure foundation they deserve so they can navigate the world beyond our little farm. But for now they have a chance to build a strong base!
After a glamorous years as top model, you’ve experienced something different – being a wife, mom and green activist – what makes you think so seriously about earth, life, love and real meaning of life?
I have been so fortunate to meet and receive teachings from some incredible spiritual teachers. This has informed my life and how I live my life on all levels. Certainly as a woman and as a mom and definitely it has an impact on my relationship with the planet we live on and how I walk upon HER. We are close to nature here on our farm, the cycles of seasons and ebb and flow of what the earth can produce for us day to day, week to week and month to month. It has made my entire family very conscious as to how much we take and how much we need to give back. The meaning of my life is finding this balance, living honestly and lovingly in this relationship with the earth and with all living things that walk the earth, from human to animal to insect and so on. A life of balance, love and compassion is what I strive for and to share with others…
You are truly devoted yoga practice person, do u think that yoga has saved you from darkness and if you have to name few people who have an important role in your wake up process and new life, who are they?
My yoga practice has evolved over the years. Yoga has been a gift but not the only thing I do. It helped me find my way but for me movement in general, conscious movement is essential… mindful movement. I am into hiking, pilates, yoga, cycling…. my body is where I live and I wish to be as comfortable and full of ease for as long as I can. In terms of darkness and being saved… there were many masters I met but essentially it came down to me making a decision… but along the way there were things that helped me wake up and yoga WAS one of them!!!
What are the main lessons and truth you have found through your new life – as a mom, wife and farm girl?
Keep it simple. Lose the ego. Hug a lot. Cry freely. Walk gently upon mother earth. Never be scared to speak up or speak your mind, Sit in silence daily. Smell the flowers. Wake up and think of the 10 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. Honor all beings and know that not all suffering can be seen. Be wise with my words and know they have power. Practice patience. Irritation has something to do with my state of mind, most often not what I think I am irritated about. Know that love has risks but not loving is not an option. Remember that all things are impermanent so love freely knowing that things will always change. Take the high road when but find the middle view of neutrality.
Do you miss something from fashion world today and when u go back in your memories there?
Do you have regrets?
Any people that I might have hurt along my way out of ignorance or selfishness are the only things I regret.
What is the most beautiful thing and moment in new Carre life?
My daughters and arising each morning knowing we have another day together.
Your favourite person from fashion world and why?
Oh dear… I just don’t know! I LOVE what Christy Turlington is doing in regards to women health and Sara Ziff is a young power house fighting for the rights of child models as the founder of The Model Alliance…
Are you happy with your new life and where is the centre of it today?
My family and their well being and growth is the centre of my life right now. My daughters need me tremendously at this stage of their lives… so that is priority!!!
Thought that keep you smiling?
That there is a change in the world today and that even though we are teetering on a precipice of dark and light, there are some mighty forces and individuals that are rising up with a great altruistic prayer that all beings be relieved from suffering and have the causes of happiness! I am one. This makes me smile.