Exclusive Interview: Alicia Keys for Reebok


Hi guys!  Recently the sneaker world has been taken by storm by Reebok and its great new designs. One of Reebok’s best sellers is the new line that is a collaboration with the amazing singer Alicia Keys.


The 14-time Grammy Award winner is getting ready to release her 5th album, “Girl on Fire” on November 27th.  We fell in love with the designs and wanted to know more about her line so here is what we chatted about:
– Hi Alicia!  Which pair are you wearing today?
 Alicia Keys: Today I am wearing the Camo green with peach stitching and grey suede wrapping around the top that will come out for the holidays!  Perfect for a tough and sexy girl!  😉
– Did they become the IT piece of your wardrobe?
  A.K.: Absolutely! Especially for days I want to be cute and comfortable! I love that I don’t just have to wear heels to feel that way.
– So tell us how it all started. Why did you decide to design sneakers?
A.K.: It started from my childhood!  I always wore these particular kind of Reeboks called 54.11’s. They were called that because after tax that’s how much the shoes cost!  😉   I wore them all the time because the price was good and they had many different colors and styles that I could match with anything.  It was a dream of mine since then and now I’ve found another field to be creative in.  It’s really cool!!
– Who are the women that the line is made for?
A.K.: Chic, cool women that have a bold flare and like to express all sides of themselves!!! 😉
– What inspired you for the collection?
A.K.: What inspired me were my favorite colors, my street sensibility, New York City and the girly tomboy in me  😉
– Now we see “keys” on a pear of sneakers.  Should we expect to see them on a dress anytime soon? 
A.K.: Ha!!  😉  I think we should all expect the world to unfold everything before us!   Because anything is possible  😉
– You are a sneaker girl but how do you feel when you put a pair of your own design on?
 A.K.: I feel really really good!!  It’s really nice to have a vision for something and see it become real! It’s even cooler to see other girls have it on!  My friends have seen them on women from Paris to NY and everywhere In between and THAT is a good feeling!!  😉
  And for the nearest future?
 A.K.: More to come!!! More hot sneaks, more music!! Album November 27th!!!  I couldn’t be more excited!!  😉