Fall Make-Up Tutorial


Hello! Today we are going to show you how to do our favorite make-up for fall by yourself. This great tutorial is from MAX FACTOR BULGARIA and one amazing make up artist – Slav Anastasov. Here we go…
On a clean and moisturized face put foundation ALL DAY FLAWLESS. Start putting it from the middle of the face going out. Like this the foundation is more intense in the centre, where usually is more needed and less intense towards your neck so it is easier to avoid difference in color between your face and neck.  Under the eyes put few dots of the corrector MASTERTOUCH and spread it around with soft padding movements with your fingertips to give little more “light” to the area. If your T-zone is problematic put powder CREME PUFF. It is not necessary to put the powder on the whole face if it is not needed. With less powder the face looks more natural. It’s time for the blush FLAWLESS PERFECTION. Here is used 223 Natural Glow. As an orientation you can use the imaginary line between the middle of the ear and the corner of the corner of the mouth. Put a little blush on that line and the leftovers on the brush spread in the roots of the hair around your forehead.
Start with the eye- shadows EARTH SPIRITS. Put the light shade- 101 Pale Pabble on the inside part of the top eyelids and under the eyebrows. Put a thin line on the bottom eyelids as well. Then use the darker shade- 107 Burnt Bark from the middle of the top eyelids towards the end of the eye direction out and up. Try to blend it nicely with the light color. Finish by adding a little at the outer side of the bottom eyelids. To give little more definition use LIQUID EFFECT PENCIL. Here is used in Black Color. Put it in the roots of the eyelashes from the middle of the top eyelids to the outer end of the eye and on the inside of the bottom eyelids as well. Smudge it a little with the applicator on the backside of the pencil or with fingertips for softer look. For the eyebrows use EYEBROW PENCIL, here is used number 2 Hazel. Use well-sharpened pencil and make little lines that look like small hairs in the places where needed. With the brush included in the pencil blend for natural look. The new EYE BRIGHTENING MASCARA is coming in shades for different color eyes. Here is used the shade for green eyes. Put it from the roots towards the end of the eyelashes with small movements on the left and right. Put the mascara on the top and bottom eyelashes.


3. Lips
For the lips are used two products to make it look like out of the runway. The main color that you put is LIPTINT 09. The golden nuance is from the second product-  FLIPSTICK DUO 30 Gipsy Red. Put it in the middle of the top and bottom lips without blending it in. It is going to attract the light and give more volume to the lips.
And now you are even more beautiful! :)