The Cosmetics


Hi! We want to show you some of our favorite cosmetics for the summer. The colors for the eyes are pastel and soft  and sometimes we’d go for bright color on the lips. For the evening our preferred look is smokey eyes and nude lips. The fondation definitely is La Mer. It is very light but still covers everything you’d like to hide. Then instead of powder we use the Guerlian Meteorites. Dior has a beautiful palette with three shades that are perfect to make the smokey eyes and two shades of soft balm for the lips. The packaging is so beautiful as well. For the hair is Kerastase sun protection series. The Brume Jour Protectrice spray is THE perfect hair UV protection that also protects your color and prevents the appearance of split ends. The Sensai Hair mask by Kanebo is also a favorite. Epicuren’s Moisturizing Mist is great to refresh and moisturize your skin during the day. And don’t forget the sun protection- La Mer Spf 30 is the perfect one. Dr. Brandt’s Detoxygen Experience face mask is a must have. It comes with the spacial cream that you should use after the mask. Lanvin’s Jeanne is the new addition to the perfume collection.