Meet the New Girl


Hello! Do you remember not so long ago, we’ve POSTED about a newcomer, the Bulgarian model Kremi Otashliyska, well we were not the only one watching her….
New York Magazine had an interview with her, which we find very interesting and inspiring, so we’d like to share it with you…. :))))
It’s sometimes hard to remember that Kremi Otashliyska is only 16 — although she’s still mastering English, the Bulgarian beauty recites Oscar Wilde quotes like it’s second nature (her favorite, she says, is The Picture of Dorian Graygem, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”). But since making her runway debut closing the Balenciaga fall 2012 show, she’s been just as preoccupied with preparing to get her driver’s license as she has landing editorial shoots. Luckily for Otashliyska’s career, the latter has come much easier to her than the former; while she admits that she hasn’t yet mastered the rules of the road (“I tried driving once but I was bad. My father said, ‘If [you don’t get your license] I can always get you a chauffeur”), in just a few months she’s booked jobs for NuméroAnOther, and W, and worked with Steven Meisel on the Balenciaga resort look book. During a recent visit to our office, Otashliyska filled us in on the stresses of modeling, wanting to be a young mother, and the reason why she watches Scarface on repeat.
The rest of the interview you can read HERE
Hope you’ll enjoy it!