Summer tan…. are we there yet

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Not so sure about you, but with me when it comes to the summer, it’s a little drama! And i don’t speak about the cool vacations or changing the season in my wardrobe, all i mean is the Tan! I love to get dark and bronze, but with my skin (specially after giving birth…. and maybe with my age, proud 33 years old from 2 weeks 😉 ) is a little- big problem! In stead of sun kissed skin, i usually end up with spots and irregular tan :( So this summer i’m making revolution ( in my head with my principles) thinking of trying self tan products! I found James Read’s brand very interesting for such products, but anyway if u happen to have experience with it or you know some other better one, please let me know! You can find my selection of James Read products in the shopping list below! Alina  :)