Tom Dixon Designs

tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-1-600x900BEAT FLOOR & TABLE

tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-2-600x900GREY BEAT PENDANT

New additions to the popular BEAT family, inspired by the sculptural simplicity of traditional water vessels used in India. Both table and floor lights incorporate the familiar hand-beaten shade.tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-3-600x899 tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-4-600x400PIVOT

An exercise in expressive minimalism, our pendants are now available in grey with an internal plate of real silver.


A series of upholstered seating taking inspiration from statuesque and sculptural pedestalstom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-6-600x399 tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-7-600x816 tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-600x400 tom-dixon-club-collection-icff-ny2014-trendland and

This year at ICFF, Tom Dixon is showcasing their new furniture, lighting and accessories under the theme of the CLUB. The conventional Gentleman’s club is reworked into a contemporary version of the historic British members club – a modern day home-away- from-home, a plush and cultured haven where pleasure and work collide.