InstaStyle: Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman

By: Krasi Genova
Two of the four founding members of System Magazine, Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman are definitely fashion graces you can’t miss noticing. They are bold, beautiful and smart enough to combine all their talents to launch System magazine one year and a half ago.
Both of them very stylish, Alexia and Elizabeth have big experience of working in a fashion field. Previously being part of Industrie magazine, the pair founded Ever Consulting, an eco-friendly green luxury consultancy, which advises and produces events for André Balazs, Fendi, and Vanessa Bruno. They published alsothe Ever Manifesto with Charlotte Casiraghi.
“Our mission at Ever Manifesto is to challenge the thought process behind modern creative processes and consumption, and to question how we approach the world that surrounds us so that we can make the world a greener and more ecologically aware place.”
The first issue, published as a newspaper in September 2009, was edited by Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, sponsored by Loro Piana, and took on the theme of sustainability. The second issue focused on bamboo as an ideal material for design research and development, and was guest edited by W magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi.
But the true success and recognition came with System magazine. And fashion system if something they know well, damn well…as you might guess looking at their stunning wardrobes and these bold eyes which are capable to see …beyond. And that is something they say is distinguished for visionaries.