Jay Ahr and his China Challenge

By: Krasi Genova
I would strongly advise young Belgium designer Jay Ahr who presented his Beijing Fashion project just few days ago at Ullens Contemporary center in Beijing, supported by Vogue China and personally editor in chief Angelica Cheung, to follow two of the famous lessons of legendary Yves Saint Laurent.
 First as genius Saint Laurent said “I tried to show that fashion is an art. For that, I followed the counsel of my master Christian Dior and the imperishable lesson of Mademoiselle Chanel. I created for my era and I tried to foresee what tomorrow would be.” He should be bold into search of new challenges and also modest enough to know that fashion world has a fancy and attractive light but also requires a big scale of responsibility. 
“A designer who is not also a couturier, who hasn’t learned the most refined mysteries of physically creating his models, is like a sculptor who gives his drawings to another man, an artisan, to accomplish.” another rule coming from master Yves Saint Laurent who I strongly recommend to Jay Ahr who showed us a refine skills to work with jewelry, after all this is his specialty, but has a long road to go in perfection of clothes.
Actually what they say is that the story of Jonathan Riss ( Jay Ahr)  is that of an adventurer in his soul, with a passion for fashion, craftsmanship, embroidery and precious stones… Belgium born Jonathan Riss began criss-crossing the globe in search of know-how and inspiration. After seeing India, China, Russia and Angola, he won a few years later, the Diamond International Award for De Beers. 
He dreamed of putting together all the knowledge he mastered in the service of dresses, for they are the key to a woman’s wardrobe. He founded his own fashion studio and launched his first collection in Paris in 2005, and soon the entire “Tout-Paris” was fighting to get their hands on them.
In 2008 he opened on Madison Avenue in New York a stunning shop filled with the city’s crème de la crème, said his PR which also called him A Great Ahr. 
Actually the greatest master of Couture are famously modest and shy and I would strongly advise Jay Ahr to look also for inspiration at that side and work on idea to gain the essence in fashion and his quest for perfection and then slowly add to his name such a big words as Great and Grande. That’s actually merit of a talent and should come from his clients – ladies who looks for inspiration and gentlemen who is on a search for lovely and precious gift to their women.